Finance your project / Fundraising

  • Financez vos projets et activités

    Finance your projects and activities through sales of Bonbons de Grand-Mère

    625 bags of sweets sold = € 1,000 net profit for associations, charitable organizations, etc.

  • Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère is :

    • A small family business founded in the province of Liège in 1895
    • A range of broken candy available in 30 flavours
    • 100% artisanal production using locally-sourced raw materials

    Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère is delighted to work with sports clubs, schools, youth movements and associations to help them raise funds for projects and activities.

  • How does it work?

    • You set up a fund-raising initiative offering Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère for sale (to parents, family, friends, etc.)
    • You tell us the quantities that have been ordered (minimum: 50 bags, any flavour)
    • 8 days later, we deliver the candy free of charge to the address of your choice
    • You distribute the candy at your own pace (it has a two-year shelf life)
    • You pay your invoice when you receive the candy (payment possible via Bancontact) and receive a thank-you gift.
  • Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère, c’est bon, c’est local

    Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère: artisanally-produced, delicious and local!

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