Candy making

  • Made with beet sugar and glucose, both of which are produced at the refinery in Wanze (in the province of Liège), our traditional candy is made with premium quality, 100% natural flavouring and colouring (such as apple, radish, charcoal, spirulina, carrot, hibiscus, sweet potato, cherry, caramel, and blackcurrant).  

  • To make hard candy, sugar and glucose is brought to a boil and heated to 150°C. This sweet magma is then poured onto a worktop where the flavourings and colourings are gradually incorporated.  

    Methodically kneaded by hand for several long minutes, the sugar mass’s malleability gradually changes until its temperature and consistency indicate to the confectioner that the creation of the sheets can begin.

  • Hand-shaped, the sheets weigh approximately 1.2 kg and are placed in moulds and then over ventilated grills to dry. The next day, when they have completely hardened, they are ready to be broken into pieces!

    Broken and then manually sorted by size, using a mesh grid to filter out pieces that are too small, the candy then goes into a coating drum, to be “iced”, which consists of coating the shards with sugar syrup to improve their appearance and their keeping properties. 

  • Once this operation has been completed, the finished product is weighed, bagged, sealed, dated and labelled, all in rigorous compliance with quality standards.