Fundraising ?

Finance your projects and activities, by selling Bonbons de Grand-Mère

625 bags of sweets sold


€1,000 net profit for your association

Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère, is:

    • A small family company, operating in the province of Liège
    • A vast range of artisan confectionery made with love (more than 100 options)
    • Solid experience in organising fundraising

In this regard, it is positioned as the partner of sports clubs, schools, youth movements (scouts, guides, Patro) and association for collecting money intended to finance activities or projects.

In practice, it’s very simple:

  • You implement a fundraiser and offer Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère for sale (parents, families, friends, relations, etc.)
  • To facilitate logistics and distribution, you limit your choice to 10 items from among the 100 options in the range
  • You can opt for loose sweets, that you repackage in your way, so as to increase your profitability
  • You are not committing to any volume and you don’t pay anything in advance
  • Once sales are closed, you send us your order (minimum: 100 bags, doesn’t matter about the combination of sweets chosen)
  • 8 days later, we deliver the goods to you, free-of-charge, to the address of your choice
  • You distribute the sweets as you wish, as these have a very long shelf life 
  • You pay your invoice upon receipt (you can pay by Bancontact) and receive a thank-you gift.

Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère, it’s good, it’s local and it’s artisan!

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