Personalisable gifts

Personalising our packaging with your logo or your graphic identity is one of our main strengths.

Design – graphic design – bespoke sweets

Our flexibility combined with our graphic studio’s creativity allow us to offer you a turnkey service, and to respond to your requests to personalise our packaging. If necessary, we can also design and product a sweet or a blend of sweets which would meet, for example, the requirements of your graphic charter or your taste preferences.

From 10 to 50,000 pieces

Whether small or large series, going from a simple imprinting of your logo to the design of a full-branded packaging, we certainly have a creative and attractive solution, which can fulfil your desires and meet your budget. Moreover, if your needs span several months or several years, we can deliver to you (and invoice you) as you order, so as to avoid overstock and preserve your cashflow.

Management of your shipping

Would delegating the management of your shipping (Christmas presents, loyalty rewards, etc.) help you out? We have solid experience in this field. The procedure is simple and well-established: you establish your budget, you select your products from among our range of artisan confectionery, you choose your type of personalisation, you tell us the date on which you would like your customers or colleagues to have it delivered, you send us your customer base, as well as your possible covering letter, and we take care of meticulously packaging and posting your parcels.

Solo – duo - triopacks

In printed kraft cardboard, our gift boxes present well and look great. They represent an original alternative to a traditional bottle of wine, to a box of pralines or to a Christmas dish. Used lots by companies and communities, they offer lovely opportunities to personalise, either through a small paper bag with a handle, or through a complete customisation (Minimum 1,000 pieces). Photos: Standard de Liège + New look triopacks 

Premade boxes, with delicious artisan sweets (marshmallows, cuberdons, sour gums, sugared peanuts or almonds, violet sweets, nougat or chocolate-coated dry fruits, etc.) can be suggested to you, but freedom of choice is down to you, of course! The options are many, and the prices attractive.


This magnificent rigid cardboard giftbox, made up of 4 resealable jars (sweet boxes?), is the figurehead of our range. Developed with high-end artisan confectionery (nougat, caramels, chocolate-coated almonds and brittle, cuberdon marshmallows, sugar syrup sweets, etc.), this Quadrifolio, elegant and recyclable sweet box, is sent to demanding customers, wishing to offer the best there is of Belgian confectionery to members of their staff or to their customer base. 

Organically sourced plastic boxes

These cardboard cases contain a pot made of plant fibre (flaxseed, reed, hemp, seeds, shells, stones), which are reusable and compostable.

Filled with sugar syrup Olivettes, or decorated exquisitely, coated with chocolate filled with Liège syrup, with cuberdon or with orange zest, these organically sourced plastic pots offer a beautiful personalisation space for those who want to enhance their image on a tight budget. These vegan pots, finished with a metal lid, will delight all lovers of Belgian artisan confectionery made with local and natural products.

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Sachets confiseur avec étiquettes personnalisées

Surprise horns

Inspired by funfairs of the past, our elegant recyclable cardboard horns contain 250 grams of various Belgian artisan confectionery. Could be totally personalised or simply have your logo on them, these surprise horns, at a great price, will be perfectly suitable for treating the staff of a company, on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Nicolas, as a thank-you gift, during a staff party or distributed to clients at the time of various events (open days, company anniversaries, Christmas presents, etc.).

Little cases

With contents of 20 to 50 grams, these elegant and fully personalisable small packages are intended for many uses. They will ideally suit hotel rooms, seminar rooms, car dealership showrooms, sports clubs, distributed during professional or general public events (festivals, exhibitions, charitable operations, etc.), offered at the time of a wedding, a baptism or a communion. All occasions are actually suitable for them, and the ”Price/Wow Effect” ratio of these small business gifts is particularly appealing and competitive.

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Personalisable gifts