Partner of Belgian beekeepers

Are you a beekeeper looking to add to your range by offering honey sweets made with nectar from your own harvest? Would you like to develop your own brand and boost your income? 

As a partner to beekeepers, we love turning the fruit of your hives into delicious sweets with a flavour unlike anything else on the market. The secret of this success lies in the virtuous combination of top-quality raw materials and expertise based on 100% traditional working methods. 

With 2.5 kg of honey (liquid, creamy or crystallised), we make 13.5 kg of plain or flavoured sweets (eucalyptus, fir, cherry, lemon-thyme, violet, raspberry.... ) that you can obtain in bulk or directly packaged in 150g bags with a 100% personalised label.

The quality charter

Before using your honey, and in order to comply with legislation on the origin and traceability of raw materials, we will ask you to fill in a document that will enable us to record data such as the area where the honey was harvested, the expiry date, the LOT number....


Once production is complete, we offer to package your sweets either : 


in airtight transparent bags weighing 2 kg, with a label showing the regulatory information (ingredients, nutritional values, allergens, batch, etc.).

IN 150g "Doypacks" type kraft paper bags,
zipped and sealed, with full regulatory information + personalized full labels.  

Price list

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