Small sweets manufacturer

Dear visitor, our confectionery shop is taking up its summer quarters from Monday 8 July. You can visit our online shop from 1 August. Until then, we wish you all the best for your holidays.

Artisan confectioner

Small sweets manufacturer 

Small artisan confectioner, operating in the Liège region in Belgium, we perpetuate the tradition and the knowhow of confectioners of yesteryear.

The quality of our 100% artisan treats, we owe it to the combination of cooking of the past, in copper pots and manually working sweet masses. The flavour of our delicacies is mainly based on the remarkable quality of the aromas and of the natural extracts, that we use to flavour our confectionery.

As regards our caramelised dry fruits, we choose varieties, for which the flavour and the texture, once roasted then caramelised, will remind lovers of the indelible memories of the culinary pleasures of the funfairs of the olden days. 


Our online boutique offers a vast choice of artisan confectionery manufactured in our workshops or made by Belgian partner confectioners.

  • More than 100 artisan sweets in stock
  • Gift ideas for baptisms, communions, weddings (packaging personalisation)
  • Sending your parcel in 48 to 72 hours
  • Shipping costs from €30


Partner of beekeepers, we transform the product of our knowhow into delicious 100% artisan sweets.

  • 2.5kg of honey = 13.5kg of sweets
  • Natural or flavoured sweets (more than 40 flavours)
  • Conventional or organic production
  • Delivered loose or packaged 


conventional - organic

Already present in one hundred boutiques spread out over the whole of Belgium, our confectionery has already rejoiced in livening up your delicacies shelf

  • Our target: high-end grocery stores, organic stores, farm shops, local product stores, wine merchants, sweet shops and designer stores (independent shops, driven by the desire to offer higher quality Belgian products) 
  • A complete range of artisan confectionery (hard sweets, soft sweets, caramelised dry fruits, cuberdons, marshmallows, gum sweets, etc.).
  • Carriage fee from €150

Bespoke manufacturing

Do you want to create a particular sweet? A specific flavour which characterises you, or a mixture of specific colours? Our artisan confectioners love to take on the challenge that represents the development of a bespoke sweet. 

  • Development of exclusive sweets, starting with an unusual ingredient (saffron, mimosa, rum, cuberdon, genepi, paprika, coffee, etc.) or a combination of flavours (Strawberry/Rhubarb, Pear/Walnut, Watermelon/Green Mint, etc.)
  • Possible inclusions (almonds, coconut, speculoos, fruit pieces, etc.)
  • Production achievable from 15kg
  • Sweets delivered loose or packaged
  • Short timeframes (depending on the availability of ingredients)


Real strength of our confectionery, we design and/or personalise packaging with your effigy, which will appeal to your staff and your business relationships (Feast of Saint Nicolas, business gifts, etc.).

  • From small to large series 
  • A turnkey service (graphic design, printing, delivery, etc.)
  • Creative and attractive packaging focused on a developed affinity/appeal
  • Reusable and/or recyclable containers

Tradition as a starting point

Schools & Associations

Finance your project and your activities, thanks to selling sweets. 

  • No cash advance and no preorder necessary
  • 500 boxes of sweets sold = €1,000 net profit
  • Advice for implementing your action
  • Solid experience with schools and associations

Private label

Do you want to receive a loose quantity of sweets to repackage and commercialise it under your own brand?

  • Prices adapted for “repackers”
  • Management (or not) of bagging our confectionery in your own containers (boxes, bags, etc.)
  • Option to develop exclusive and bespoke flavours
  • Professional discretion ensured