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      Gift Boxes - Viva Italia


      The "Viva Italia" box is composed of Olivettes with the following flavors: Eucalyptus - Lemon - Cherry (green - white - red)

      Made of printed kraft cardboard, our stylish "3 bag" boxes make a great gift. They offer an original alternative to the traditional bottle of wine or bunch flowers when visiting friends, family, or someone in hospital, or as a corporate gift. A palette of 7 precomposed assortments are offered varying themes, colors and flavors. Different formulas to produce the same result: wonder and sympathy.

      Possible traces of peanuts and nuts

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      Original and aesthetic, our gift boxes consist of 3 sachets of 150 grams or 250 grams of candies.

      Compose your own assortment by choosing the tastes of your choice.